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Solar Heat & Electric is Nebraska’s oldest full service solar company with over 30 years in business. Specializing in solar systems installation, services and weatherization, solar air, water, hydronics and Photovoltaic systems. We also provide solar systems design, energy auditing and consulting, wind systems, cogeneration, and biomass. With new and used equipment or custom built designs for solar air.

Solar Heat & Electric is a solar power system design & installation company that specializes in solar powered energy solutions including photovoltaic solar (PV) panels, municipal and commercial solar energy design, solar thermal heating systems, solar attic ventilation, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, energy efficient home improvements and commercial lighting.

Federal and state tax credits, incentives and rebates, in tandem with local utility power buy back agreements, make solar a great solution for home and business owners to save money on energy costs.

Homeowners can qualify for up to 30% for both solar electric and solar thermal. With a $2000 maximum on each application.

Commercial applications may carry credits forward, backward or use allocations through a variety of Solar Energy incentive programs.

For new construction or retrofitting an existing home, Solar Energy Systems will enhance and add value to your home or commercial property, saving resources and reducing the cost of utilities. 

Solar Systems Repair and Service in Iowa and Nebraska 
Repair of solar systems is usually preferred rather than removal. Although there are a wide variety of solar systems installed in the Midwest, components are commonly available for repair or replacement. See the about/contact page for more information.

With over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, our professional network of experienced solar installers, engineers and contractors allows us to combine affordable solar power solutions with the highest standards of customer service excellence.
Whether you are interested in solar power systems for residential solar energy or commercial solar energy applications, Solar Energy USA has affordable solar energy solutions for you.

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Solar Incentives - Nebraska



Solar Irrigation System
Beller Family Farm - Lindsay, Ne

The Beller family with the solar panel installation used to power their operation's irrigation system.
“We’re looking at a return on investment of about five or six years, and it’s all gravy after that.”


Central City City Administrator Chris Anderson

“I think this is a technology and a power production that's going to kind of sweep the state and if this is something that we're going to see all over Nebraska, we'd like to be a part of it from the start,” says Anderson. Photo by: Barrett Stinson

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